Relax in Playa Del Carmen

More Space, Better Value, Better Experience!

The secret is out! More and more people realize private accommodation rentals offer so much more value and enjoyment than staying in a hotel room or traditional resort. Even the smallest one bedroom condo would offer on average 75% more space than a hotel room. Larger condos that offer two or three bedrooms and multiple bathrooms are, in many cases, not that much more expensive to rent - so extra space can be had pretty easily!

Outdoor space that almost always comes with a private rental such as a large balcony, terrace, backyard or rooftop patio is a luxury hard to come by when renting a hotel room. Many hotel rooms don't offer balconies - just windows, and if you are lucky enough to upgrade to a hotel room with a balcony you almost always pay dearly - often an additional $100 USD a night extra.

Location is another key point that make private rental accommodations really attractive. Most private rentals tend to be right in town or located along a popular tourist area or beach, unlike many large resorts that are located further away from town in their own area. Take The Mayan Riviera for example… most of the large resorts are located along the highway that are further away from any of the towns, including Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Akumal etc. If you stay here, you have to take an expensive cab into town, or wait for the hotel transportation that may offer scheduled tours or rides into town a few times a week, but then you are held by schedules and who wants that? This restriction is not appreciated by some. Many people, like me, really want to walk into town, go shopping, grab a drink, get dinner whenever they feel like it. Being in the heart of town, among the locals, their businesses and the on-goings of their daily life gives a better sense of the culture and area.

If you have not tried a private rental, and want to try something new apart from your same old same old hotel room, connect with us. We'd love to host you and give you an exceptional travel experience.


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